* My name is Masha. I am a slim girl with a lovely face and blond hair. I have a slender body with perfect small breasts and delicious legs.

Do you want to get a quality massage in the evening, at night or early in the morning? I provide 24 hours massage service. All types of massages include a very satisfying BlowJob. Out-Calls to private apartments or hotels in Central Moscow without extra charge and at one standard price: 2 hours- 200 $.

I am skilled in the art of following types of massages: Relaxing massage, Swedish Massage, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage… I accept prebooked appointments and last-minute orders. I know how to relax you and make you feeling happy.

Types of Massages

Deep tissue – for when you want a strong massage that really penetrates deep under the skin to hit the muscles. High pressure is applied to your muscles and targeted tissues to improve blood circulation, promote recuperation from fatigue and inflammation, and assist the body to recover back to optimum condition.

Swedish – is designed to achieve two aims; with tapping and kneading, you will be energised and caressed to a state of relaxation; and with some moderate pressure applied at certain points you will benefit from a recharged body.

Relaxing – is 100% about enjoyment and the experience of being pampered. As soft, gentle strokes invite you to completely release all worries and cares of the day, the massage will take you on a journey of heavenly surrender.

Aromatherapy massage – use Swedish massage techniques while incorporating lotions and oils that contain essential oils. If you are sensitive to smells and oils, you might want to opt for an ordinary Swedish massage instead.

Sports massage reduces the muscle tautness that stems from overuse and overtraining. It sets out to relax muscles, enhance muscle flexibility and has been proven to significantly reduce soreness and damage after activity.